What We Do, How & Why?

Know what we do, how & what drives us to get things "done"

What's Done and Done?

Done and Done is a strategic business supply chain & operations excellence consulting services firm that offers expertise across the length and breadth of supply chains: right from sourcing, inward logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, packaging, outbound logistics, channel distribution, last mile deliveries and reverse logistics by ingraining environmentally conscious best practices for your business profitability.

How do we get it done?

Embodying the spirit of quick resolutions to fast paced business environments within the space of heavy engineering, automotives, renewable energy product lines and e-commerces; keeping in mind solutions for now and the vision for the future. We understand your requirements, assess the present scenario and using knowledge and expertise of Six Sigma and Lean principles combined with design thinking we provide recommendations and solutions that are best for your business. Now and in the future. 

Why do we do what we do?

We aspire to be the quickest consultants in the supply chain arena, that don't just get things done. But get it done sustainably. Supply chains are best suited for effective environmentally conscious alternatives and we propel and transition businesses to re-think their mindset and plans towards adopting sustainable practices across the length and breadth of supply chains
The purpose of Done and Done is very simple-to propel all firms towards a sustainable supply chain that is resilient, agile, optimised while ensuring it uses environmentally conscious alternatives, practices and methods. Business is for profit,so why not make money the right way while also keeping in mind sustainability. Don't worry none of our solutions will be costlier but definitely less hazardous for you, your firm and Mother Earth at large.

So what are you waiting for reach out to us to magically solve your, Supply Chain Strategy & Operational Excellence needs and allow us to not just get it done, and off your checklist but done and done!

Meet Those Who Get It 'Done'

The people dedicated to identifying your supply chain needs & resolving them sustainably

Sheeba Pathak | Founder 

Sheeba has immense experience & forte in the business transformation, profitability & excellence domain across the industries of automotive, e-commerce apparels & sustainable renewable energies apart from research & academic writing.  A Six Sigma expert with demonstrated project inception and execution skills and an acumen to proceduraly and mathematically arrive at solutions for constrained supply chains, Sheeba is your go-to name to fix things and get them done.

With a strong penchant towards ethical businesses and business practices she is on a mission to propel supply chains towards sustainability while a believer of the lean and 0 waste philosophy.

Also the Mumbai Chapter Director of 500 Women Scientists, find her advocating for women in STEM, business research & management sciences especially in the manufacturing space. 

Write to her with your business needs & she shall be happy to advise directly or even connect you to an expert in an alternate niche.